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LegalFeeGuard provides insurance that covers liability for attorney’s fees and costs under Florida’s Proposal for Settlement Statute. Attorneys for either plaintiffs or defendants can purchase a LegalFeeGuard policy on behalf of their client to protect their client from liability under this statute.  

In Florida, if one party makes a formal "Proposal for Settlement" in accordance with Florida Statute 768.79 and Rule 1.442 of the Fla.R.C.P. and the other party rejects it, then the party making the Proposal for Settlement may have their attorney's fees from the date their Proposal is rejected be compensated by the other party if that other party does not achieve at least 75% of the defendant’s offer or less than 125% of the plaintiff’s demand. 

Under Florida Bar Staff opinion 28705 (revised) of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Florida Bar, an attorney in Florida may advance the cost of the premium of the LegalFeeGuard policy on behalf of his or her client.  This opinion also states that the repayment of the premium can also be made contingent on the lawyer making a recovery on behalf of the client.   

To obtain a policy, an attorney simply answers a handful of questions on, and then purchases the policy online with a credit card at a very reasonable premium.

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