The Garretson Resolution Group, Inc.

6281 Tri-Ridge Boulevard Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH 45140

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Company Description:

Settlement obligations produce complexity, frustration, and paperwork as you chart your way to closure. Employing Garretson Resolution Group’s (GRG) firm-wide Resolution & Compliance program allows you to expedite the process and achieve more favorable results. Moreover, our people, processes, and technology significantly lower your internal costs while eliminating post-settlement liability and ensuring compliance. GRG’s Resolution & Compliance Program includes:

•Medicare (Parts A&B)
•Medicare (Parts C, D, & Supplemental)
•Medicare Set-Asides
•Medicaid (Tort Recovery)
•VA, Tricare and Other Government Health Plans
•ERISA & Non-ERISA Health Plans
•Provider (Doctor/Hospital) Liens
•Workers’ Compensation Liens

Whether we are engaged to provide services in a single event personal injury settlement or as the Administrator in a mass tort settlement program, GRG’s specialized administrative offerings utilize proven technology and processes to serve all settling parties’ interests including defendant, carrier, plaintiff counsel, claimant, court and healthcare agencies. Our practice areas can independently or collectively assist in any settlement. For more information, please visit

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